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Rocket Fuel - Why wouldn't you?

This Rocket Fuel is about a handy little question you can use to motivate your customers to act on the solutions you are recommending. Have you ever been in a situation where a prospect or client has agreed with you about their need, problem, or opportunity, and they seem to see how your solution fits their situation, but they still won't give you the nod to move forward? Sometimes the problem is that undisclosed concerns are holding them back. Next time you get into this situation, here's something you might want to try.

After you have had a chance to ask all of your questions about the need and you have presented your solution, a great way to test their motivation to act on your solution is to ask this question:

"Based on what you are telling me about your problem/need/opportunity, the only question I would have is, 'Why wouldn't you move forward on the solution I am suggesting right away?'"

Then sit back, be quiet, be patient, and wait for the prospect to respond. A question like this takes the onus from you (to come up with all the reasons why they should act) and puts it on them (to come up with all the reasons why they shouldn't).

If the prospect can't come up with any reasons, you might get a response like, "I guess I don't really have any good reasons for not doing what you are suggesting." Your response to this is obvious: "I would agree. I think the solution makes a lot of sense given some of the needs/opportunities/problems you have. I'd suggest that we move forward to get the solution working for you." On the other side, if the prospect has undisclosed concerns, this is a great way to find out what they are. In some situations, the prospect will actually raise the concerns and then once they have been verbalized, they will overcome them on their own. In other situations, the prospect will dig deep to come up with the real reasons for not moving forward. At that point, you are in a position to address the concerns they have. After all, the most difficult concerns to deal with are the ones they aren't telling you about!

Onward and upward!

Written by Brian Kjenner

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