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Rocket Fuel -Small Steps

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Today’s Rocket Fuel is based on an excerpt from TOP Seller where Bob Stephens is reflecting back to an experience in his early days as a new salesperson where he is sitting at his desk reading the newspaper:

Within ten minutes I made it all the way to the sports section - my favorite. I sit back in my chair and put my feet up on the desk. Instead of reading the sports page though, I find myself drifting back in time to a conversation with my manager, John Andrews, when I was first starting out. Come to think about it, we didn't actually talk although John spoke volumes. I was at my desk celebrating my success by reading the newspaper. As I recall, I was sitting in the same position I am right now. John walked by my office and stopped for a moment to see what I was doing. Without saying a word, he turned and kept on going down the hall. Being young and cocky, I never gave it much thought and dipped back into the sports page. Within a few minutes, John walked into my office in silence holding a giant sheet he had ripped off the easel in the meeting room. Even though I was relatively new, I was still smart enough to know this had something to do with me reading a newspaper at my desk during the day. I attempted to fold it and slide it off the desk, but it was very awkward and quite pointless. John held the paper to the wall directly in front of me with one hand while he taped it with the other. John wasn't a big man, but he was positioned so that I couldn't see what was written on the paper. Without us exchanging a word, he walked out of the office and disappeared down the hall. The writing was somewhat illegible, but after studying it a moment I made out the message:

Throughout your day you are taking small steps; some towards the success you are striving for, some towards your eventual failure.

Particularly in sales with all the distractions on our phones, social media, pads, etc., this couldn't be truer. There are certain activities that contribute directly to your success while there are other activities that can lead either directly or indirectly to your failure. Time management is focusing your time and effort on those activities that contribute directly to your success and minimizing your time on activities that don't. As a small exercise, make two lists; on one list write down all those activities that will lead directly to your success. On the other, list the activities that either limit or eliminate your chance of being successful.

Throughout your day, periodically ask yourself if the activity you are working on right then and there will take you in the direction you want to go. And remember, success is only a small step away!

Onward and upward! Brian Kjenner

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