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Rocket Fuel -Love it to sell it

This week's Rocket Fuel is about bringing your product or service to life for your client. In this excerpt from my book, TOP Seller (available on Amazon), Bob Stephens (alias Rocket-Man) is coaching his young son David on how to sell the chocolates for his baseball team:

We take a seat on the curb to begin the lesson. "OK, David. Why are you selling the chocolates?" "You know that Dad… we're raising money for the team!" "I know… but what are you going to use the money for?" His face brightens. "If we raise enough money, we're going to take a bus trip and we get to play in a tournament!" "Excellent, David." I open up one of the boxes of chocolates. "Now I want you to close your eyes and open your mouth," and I set the chocolate in his mouth. David tries to chew with his mouth closed, but the smile on his face makes it difficult. "Tell me how the chocolate tastes," I order. While still enjoying the last morsels, Dave garbles, "Dad, these chocolates are sooooooo good!" "Good, David. Now you're ready!" He opens his eyes and looks at me, wondering what he is ready for.

Do your eyes light up like David's when you talk about your company, product, or service? That excitement is critical to your success because your enthusiasm and conviction for your products or services is contagious. If you are truly excited about what you are offering, there is a good chance your prospect will be as well.

There is something else that spreads like wildfire through prospects and clients: your lack of conviction and enthusiasm! If your eyes don't sparkle when you talk about the company, the product or the service, it is as obvious as a flashing neon sign above your head.

So what's the answer if you are lacking excitement or conviction about a particular product or service? Simple. Find the people in your organization that are doing a great job selling the product and ask them to explain how they transmit that excitement to their prospects and clients.

Written by Brian Kjenner

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