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Rocket Fuel -Is AI a threat to you?

Today’s Rocket Fuel is about AI; a threat being positioned for experts across a wide swath. To set the stage for this blog, I want to take you back to a Rocket Fuel titled, ‘I am NOT a salesperson’. The premise of the Rocket Fuel was that while many people shun the title of salesperson, the reality is, if you have products, services or expertise, that you expect people to pay for, you are a salesperson.

The professionals out there, that see their value as strictly providing expertise and advice are potentially in for a rude awakening as AI evolves, and people become more comfortable accessing it for advice. With that said, experts who embrace their role as a ‘salesperson’, can leverage the technology and take their offering to a whole new level.

And why do I feel so strongly that the role of a professional salesperson is so secure and valued in the face of this new technology? I asked ChatGBT, of course. Here was the response:

While AI can be a valuable tool in the sales process, it is unlikely that it will completely replace professional salespeople. There are several reasons for this:

Personal touch: Salespeople are often hired for their ability to build relationships with customers and provide personalized service. While AI can provide helpful information and insights, it cannot replace the personal touch that a human salesperson can offer.

Complex sales: Some sales involve complex products or services that require a human touch. For example, selling enterprise software or negotiating complex deals often requires a human salesperson who can understand the customer's needs and tailor the solution accordingly.

Emotional intelligence: Sales is often about understanding and responding to customers' emotional needs. While AI can process data and provide insights, it cannot match the emotional intelligence of a skilled salesperson who can read and respond to customers' emotions.

Unpredictable situations: Sales can involve unpredictable situations that require quick thinking and flexibility. A human salesperson can adapt to unexpected changes and provide creative solutions, whereas AI may struggle in these situations.

Overall, while AI can be a valuable tool in the sales process, it is unlikely to completely replace professional salespeople. Instead, AI is likely to augment the work of salespeople, providing them with valuable data and insights that can help them make more informed decisions and provide better service to their customers.

So, ask yourself, if you’re a professional who depends on your customers to pay for your expertise and advice, how strong are your sales skills?

*This blog was inspired in part by an article posted in The Province. Check it out

Onward and upward!

Brian Kjenner

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