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Rocket Fuel -I'm making two lists

Welcome to this week's Rocket Fuel, where we'll explore an idea to boost your phone effectiveness. If you're determined to increase your sales, you've realized that making more phone calls to book appointments is crucial. Good for you! You've set aside two hours in your schedule dedicated solely to making calls. You're on the right track! The time arrives, and you sit down at your phone, ready for action. But then, you freeze. You realize you don't have anyone to call! For the next two hours, you scramble through social media, files, and contacts, gathering names and phone numbers. You reach out to one person, find another name, and so on. By the end of two hours, you've only managed to contact six people. It's a bit disappointing.

This scenario is all too common for many salespeople. They have the intention of making calls, but without proper preparation, their effectiveness (and success) is severely hindered. Here's an idea I learned from Larry Kinlin, a top seller. Larry attributed his success to several factors, but one point that stuck with me was his use of two lists.

Each week, Larry worked with two lists. List #1 consisted of twenty-five prospects along with their contact information and any relevant details he needed to reach out to them. His goal was to get a definitive "yes" or "no" from every prospect on that list by the end of the week.

List #2 started with twenty-five blank spaces at the beginning of the week. Throughout the week, Larry would identify new prospects and record their names and phone numbers on this list. These prospects could include existing clients with additional needs, referrals, or even cold prospects he had come across during his travels. Regardless, Larry aimed to fill those twenty-five blank spaces with new prospects by the week's end. The following week, List #2 became List #1, and he started the process all over again.

So, do you have the names and contact information of the next twenty-five prospects you plan to call? If not, why not give Larry's system a try? Here's what you can do:

  • For the first week, don't worry about List #1.

  • Set a goal for the number of prospects you believe you need each week to be successful (e.g., twenty-five) and prepare a sheet with the corresponding number of blank spaces. This will be your List #2.

  • Take the entire week to fill all the blank spaces on List #2 with promising prospects.

  • When the following week arrives, convert List #2 into List #1 and start a new List #2. Moving forward, your goal each week should be to contact every prospect on List #1 and fill every blank space on List #2 with brand-new prospects.

  • One final point: Never transfer prospects from List #1 to List #2 as that would defeat the purpose!

Throughout your week while working on your two lists, hum this modified holiday tune to keep you focused:

Oh, I'm making two lists, I'm checking them twice, I'm going to find out who needs my advice...

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