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Rocket Fuel -I am NOT a salesperson!

This Rocket Fuel is for those who depend on others to purchase their products, services, or expertise but shun the label of ‘salesperson’ preferring to identify with, what they believe are, much more prestigious handles. I am here to tell you if you have skills, expertise, services, products, or opinions that you expect people or companies to pay for, you are a salesperson.

Many people have picked up this negative perspective on salespeople because of a condition called the Theory of Scarcity; the belief there are very few qualified buyers for the products/services they offer, which in turn, drives the bad behavior that makes customers cringe. It’s the ‘scare’ in scarcity that gives ‘salespeople’ a bad name.

Don’t fear, there is a better way. It’s called the Theory of Plenty (TOP); the belief opportunity is abundant! People who subscribe to the Theory of Plenty, don’t do so blindly; their confidence comes from being brilliant at the activities that allow them to identify and systematically seize the opportunity before them. These are the people we call TOP Sellers! You can be a TOP Seller, too!

We all have stories of dealing with TOP Sellers. These are the salespeople we love to deal with. They truly help us to figure out our needs and provide the products and services to take us to a better place. They are also the ones who are upfront with us and point us elsewhere when their product, service, or expertise isn't a good fit. They do so because of their conviction and confidence in the Theory of Plenty.

While you might think I am specifically talking about ‘salespeople’ when I point to TOP Sellers; I am not. You can be a TOP Seller accountant, lawyer, dentist, cabinet maker, mechanic, banker, and on and on. If you have products, expertise or services to sell, you can be a TOP Seller, too.

Through my TOP Seller book, you will learn about the pitfalls of the Theory of Scarcity, and the elation of the Theory of Plenty! You will discover a systematic and simple start-to-finish process for seizing that opportunity, including learning how to leverage each of your great clients into many more.

As much as I hope you find valuable new ideas you can take away to increase your sales success, I truly hope you enjoy the fictional story of Rocketman!

Onward and Upward!

Brian Kjenner

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