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Rocket Fuel -Recognize your Partner!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Today's Rocket Fuel is about recognizing the contributions of our partners (wife, husband, significant other, soulmate, bestie, etc.) to our careers and businesses. While there are many reasons to celebrate our partners, I want to focus on our partners' impact on our success in business.

We all know the emotional baggage that comes with a career in sales. The elation of the highs and the doldrums of the lows walk in the door with us at the end of the day. These highs and lows can manifest in many ways, and it's our partners who are along for the ride. They celebrate with us in the good times and help us bounce back from the tough times. A supportive partner is a wonderful thing to come home to.

So how can you leverage this relationship, even more, to ramp up your success?

1. Open up. Your partner wants to know when things are going well and when you're feeling the pressure of a slump. The more you can open up, the more they can be there for you. 2. Let them know how they can help. Perhaps you're looking for advice and input or just want someone to listen. They need to know what you need. 3. Get them involved. Set goals and equally important, meaningful rewards for reaching those goals. Keep them posted on your progress and celebrate. 4. Apologize. Inevitably, you're going to bring your stresses home, and your partner is going to take the brunt of it through no fault of their own. When that happens, apologize—the sooner, the better. 5. Listen. Your partner knows you better than anyone. From time to time, they're going to tell you things you don't want to hear. Listen up. 6. Show your appreciation. Take time on a regular basis to let them know how much you appreciate their support in a meaningful way. If you've slipped on this front, what better day to tell them how much you value their support than today.

In my book TOP Seller, Bob's partner Sandy plays a critical role in helping Bob resurrect his success. I included that element in the story for a reason. Our partners truly are an essential ingredient to a successful career. I know my honey, Allyson, is!

Onward and Upward!

Brian Kjenner

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