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Rocket Fuel -Long-term Non-Specific Optimism

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

by Brian Kjenner

Today’s Rocket Fuel is about optimism, an essential attribute of the TOP Seller. When it comes to the Theory of Plenty (TOP), our optimism is based on our commitment to being brilliant at the sales process starting at the top of the sales funnel with prospecting. TOP Sellers have a strong sense of optimism because they know if they stick to the process, the results will come eventually.

To illustrate the power of optimism in a completely unrelated context, I want to introduce you to Porter Halyburton who was held as a POW for more than seven years in the Vietnam war. Porter recently published a book called "Reflections on Captivity," describing the harsh conditions he faced. So how did he survive? There were several factors, but one key component was a principle he came up with called "Long-Term Non-Specific Optimism.”. Although Porter had no idea when he would return home to his family, he firmly held onto the belief that he would eventually be reunited with them. It was this "Long-Term Non-Specific Optimism" that sustained the hope he needed to survive day by day.

So how does this lesson relate to you? While our economic conditions pale by comparison to the life of a Vietnam POW, there are many salespeople in industries like retail, real estate, banking, and the investment industry, who have taken it on the chin over the last year. The optimism of the salespeople and entrepreneurs in these industries is truly being tested.

While many salespeople will succumb to the Theory of Scarcity, the belief there’s not a lot of opportunity out there, TOP Sellers will motor on continuing to do the things the unsuccessful salespeople hate to do; finding innovative ways to identify prospects for their services. TOP Sellers will continue to believe in ‘Long Term Non-Specific Optimism’ knowing the tide will eventually turn and the efforts of their labors will pay off in spades.

Onward and upward!


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