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Rocket Fuel -Are you a TOP Seller?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

This week’s Rocket Fuel is about the power of being TOP Seller. What exactly is a TOP Seller? A TOP Seller is a salesperson who subscribes to the Theory of Plenty…someone who believes there is an abundance of high-quality prospects that can benefit from their product or service.

People ask me to describe a TOP Seller. A TOP Seller is someone who isn’t afraid to put their customers' needs first. After all, they don’t need to pressure their customers to buy because they know there are lots of people who can benefit from what they have to offer. Accordingly, they give people all the information to make a decision, and they give them time to think about it when that is appropriate.

On the other hand, TOP Sellers are also not afraid to ask their customers to buy. When they identify that their customer can benefit from the product or service they are offering, they motivate them to act on their recommendations using the two most powerful tools in their arsenal: conviction and passion!

So, how do you become a TOP Seller? It starts with your attitude. If you believe there are very few prospects that can benefit from your product or service, your Theory of Scarcity mentality will show through like a wart on your nose every time you meet a prospective client. TOP Sellers inherently believe that there is an abundance of high quality prospects who can benefit from what they have to offer…their job is to find them!

The second key to being a TOP Seller becoming brilliant at each step of the sales process starts with a heavy dose of high-quality prospecting. The problem that 'Theory of Scarcity' salespeople have is they avoid prospecting (because it’s uncomfortable) and then attempt to manipulate the balance of the sales process with hopes of turning every potential prospect they meet into a new customer. TOP Sellers recognize that prospecting for new business opportunities will have the single biggest impact on their achievement of success. Prospecting for them is as comfortable and natural as drawing their next breath.

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