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What’s the secret to being successful in sales?

Many salespeople ask themselves that question.  I have been helping salespeople maximize their sales success for over 30 years.  I’ve shared the TOP Seller approach with sales organizations and countless great sales people who continue to excel today.  And now I’m sharing what I’ve proven works, no matter what level of sales you’ve done prior, in my TOP Seller book.

I will share with you my step-by-step process that will help you obtain an abundance of high-quality referrals from your good customers, help your prospects discover their needs for your services, and drive more sales and success for you.  

You will learn how to tap into the Theory of Plenty (TOP), a winning attitude shared by the most successful salespeople, that will change how you look at your success in sales going forward.

Beyond the proven sales strategies you’ll gain in TOP Seller, I will also provide you with a free subscription to Rocket Fuel, my weekly sales idea to help you continue to grow your sales success in the years ahead.  

If you’re committed to becoming a TOP Seller, I’m committed to helping you reach your true potential. 

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My name is Brian Kjenner

For over 30 years Brian Kjenner has been working with salespeople and sales organizations to help them maximize their sales effectiveness.  Early in Brian’s career, he discovered that the best salespeople were the ones who had a Theory of Plenty (TOP) attitude.  They were the salespeople that their prospects and clients loved to deal with because they were truly focused on helping them meet their needs.   Brian calls these salespeople TOP Sellers. Brian would love to help you discover the power of the Theory of Plenty and become a TOP Seller.

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